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About Us - Think it, see it, do it 


The Story
So Far...

Arthur Fisher, AKomms started as a one-man endeavour driven by a strong idea, dream, and hope for success. Arthur's determination and focus on building foundations and stability, with the help of family and friends, paved the way for the company's initial growth.


Learning and implementing craftsmanship into the business and employees played a crucial role in AKomms' success. As the company's reputation for high-quality work spread, more companies recognized the standard of their services. Arthur, initially starting out as an engineer, envisioned the possibilities of creating a thriving company. Eventually, his sons, Arthur Fisher Jr, Brandon Fisher and Joseph Fisher joined the journey, bringing stability and structure while maintaining the high standards instilled in them from a young age.


Over time, AKomms experienced exceptional growth, and as a family, everyone worked together to realise Arthur's vision. With three years of hard work and consistency, AKomms grew bigger and stronger as a workforce. The company became confident in taking on any job, ensuring it was done to the highest standards. This confidence gave rise to their company motto: "Think it, See it, Do it."

The Future Plan...

Looking ahead, AKomms aims to become one of the leading telecommunications companies in the UK by delivering innovative and robust solutions. They plan to focus on accelerating growth, developing skills in key strategic areas, and providing a safe and healthy workplace for everyone.


AKomms also actively participates in charitable donations and events, giving back to the community that supports them. Their team of expert project managers, coordinators, civil engineers, and cable engineers collaborates with clients, local authorities, and the supply chain to deliver Fibre-To-The-Home (FTTH) infrastructure projects. They have a strong portfolio of delivered builds across various regions of the UK, demonstrating their experience and capability to handle multiple project requirements.


To stay updated on AKomms future endeavours, you can follow them on LinkedIn and explore their careers page for current and future vacancies.

Let’s Work Together

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