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City Fibre

CityFibre is a UK-based company that specialises in building and operating fibre optic networks in various cities across the country. Akomms play a big part in helping city fibre achieve this.

CityFibre is a UK-based company that specialzes in building and operating fiber optic networks in various cities across the country. The company aims to provide faster and more reliable internet connectivity to homes, businesses, and public institutions. Akomms have a huge undertaking In building these networks and helping City Fibre achieve there goals.

Akomms have been working on various projects across the UK to deploy fiber networks in cities such as Coventry, Worcester, solihull, Warwick, Nuneaton and Wolverhampton. These citys are just a few of the citys Akomms are currently working in. Every week 500 Premises have to get completed in each city.

Akomms have the resources to work with, local authorities and public institutions to provide high-speed connectivity to schools, hospitals, and other public facilities. To find out how we can help you check out our services page and get in contact.

See below for some photo examples of the work we have carried out.

Rob Cherrington - City Fibre - Had to say

" The reliability and resiliance of Akomms, coupled with their strong expertise in fibre infrastructure delivery puts them head and shoulders abover other fibre specialists. Akomms involvment has been instrumental in city fibre bringing super fast FTTH broadband to 10s of thousands homes in Worcester, it simply wouldnt have happened without them. "

Jason Burke - City Fibre - Had to say

" I've been in the telecom and power industry for over 33 years and worked on many projects. Akomms have been a breathe of fresh air in the seemless way they operate. Akomms have taken away many of the issues that come with delivering large scale full fibre with their professional approach and constant support. Taking Akomms onboard was the best decision we made as an organisation, as their attention to detail has been floorless. we are looking forward to working with Akomms for all future projects with both the renewable energy sector, power and telecommunications industry "

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