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Vodafone Amity

This transatlantic cable project was a major engineering feat that involved laying a telegraph cable across the ocean floor to connect Europe and North America for the first time.

This case study focuses on a project undertaken by Akomms on behalf of Vodafone. The project involved various tasks such as R&R, minor civils, clearing blockages, micro tube installation, blowing fibre splicing and testing.

Akomms successfully completed this project, which involved installing over 600,000 meters of cable in the ground within 7 months.

The project presented a significant challenge for Akomms as they had never blown 8000 meters of cable in one continuous operation before. However, the teams worked tirelessly day and night to ensure the project's completion, often surpassing their scheduled targets. They even broke records on multiple occasions for the amount of cable installed daily and the distance blown in a single operation, reaching up to 4086 meters.

Reflecting on the project, Akomms takes great pride in their achievements and the efforts of their teams. Such projects are rare, and this particular one stands out as one of their favorites.

In addition to this case study, it's worth noting that Amitié is a private transatlantic communications cable connecting the United States (Lynn), the UK (Bude), and France (Le Porge). It was announced in 2020 and was expected to go live in 2022. The cable is owned by Edge Cable Holdings (Facebook), AquaComms, Cable & Wireless Americas Systems (Vodafone), Microsoft, and Orange. These companies jointly applied for a license to land and operate the 6,800-kilometer optical submarine cable in August 2020. 

Andy Tideswell from Vodafone had to say -

" I have been in the telecoms industry for over 30 years and Akomms are one of the best comms contractors I have had the pleasure to work alongside. undertaking and completing one the biggest cable projects in the country in 25 years. helping us not only to complete in a timely manner but also within budget. fully compliant with all our HSEQ Requirements "

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